Karin Dom

The proposal for a new building of the Karin Dom Foundation is composed of a single, low in height, elongated building volume, carefully positioned into the building plot so as to preserve the foresty character of the garden that is currently occupying the site. A lot of consideration was put on implementing the building’s footprint into the ensamble formed by the surounding buildings. One immediately recognises the shapes of the neighbouring buildings of the clinic to the southeast, and the dormitories to the northeast into the footprint of the newly proposed building. The end result is a structure that lives in harmony in its context both with the rich nature of the site and its man made neighbors.

The choice of materials was thoughtful and took into consideration the proximity of the building to the sea – one of the main characteristics of the city of Varna. Concrete was an immediate choice – it brings calmness to both the exterior and interior appearance of the building but special attention is given to the finishing, going for a sandblasted, warm, off-white look. This imbues the material with qualities achieved only trough the help of two natural elements so typical of Varna – air and sand. The third most prominent natural element – water is reflected in the shining turquoise textile external sun shading that helps keep the building occupants comfortable in the warm summer months.

After entering the building you are immediately greeted by the generous space of the main lobby with its main feature – the inner courtyard. From the first moment it was clear that minimizing the amount of trees that need to be removed will be one of the main concerns. This was the reason one of the main elements that give character to the buildings emerged – the two story high inner courtyard filled with the existing pine trees. The courtyard plays other important role not only for the ground floor where it brings natural light to the spacious lobby but also for the upper floors where it helps with orientation and improves the quality of the circulation spaces.

The approach for pedestrians and cars is clear and predetermined by the configration of the plot and its only possible acces from northwest. Uppon entering the site you find yourself in a small plateu where the main entrance is positined together with the ramp to the underground parking hidden behind a big door and the independent entrance to the medical center. In front of the building, inbetween the trees there will be a few resting places in the form of round benches and also the possibility for short term car drop off zone. The rest of the site is completely covered in green landscaping areas with the exception of a small pathway that serves as a chance to go for a short walk.

All things considered the proposed building is trying to find the line where the search for optimal performance and rationalism meets with the natural desire for generous pleasing spaces and perhaps this line is not a straight line but rather a gentle arc.